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A life care plan

A life care plan can be many things. It can be a basic idea, something you want to keep an eye on, or have questions about, financially, medically, personally. What you want to see in your life or the life of your loved one.

A plan for the future, notes about past health or personal information you want to keep track of. A plan for yours or their future. What would they want to experience in their life? It can be a great way to find more to add to their life to make it that much more wonderful. Learn More

A book that can guide you into the future.

This book is to help you get started, to help you organize a part of your life. I wanted to open up more time in my life. This book began from a need to keep track of paperwork and information about my kids. The book of has made my life so much simpler. The future is just that much brighter.

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Organize, Simplify, Manage, Life Made Easier

The Book Of

It can be a lot to think about when taking care of another. Ideas such as finances, guardianship, education, employment, and assistance they may require. What our loved one would like in the future or what we would like to see for our loved one. There are many options, choices, and ability to customize this book. Make it yours!


Organize your Medical Life in one Simple Easy to carry book. All the information you need right at your fingertips


Free up more time in your Life! -Worry Less- -Forget Less- No more hunting for or trying to remember important information.


Money management simplified. Diet care. Personal Care. Life Plans. Your life made easier!

Life made Easier

Overnight stays with less stress. Trips to the doctor made easier. Others can easily assist with your information and care

A Few Sample Pages

The mini book will have 200 pages and the large book will have 164. There are about 33 pages for my future family to explore. There will be so much in this book for you to use, customize, and make your own. I am super excited to have this book for myself and my beautiful children. Now I am able to keep track of their information so much eaiser. In the future we will look into expanding into different formats, options, and variations such as a babysitter version and so much more. We will keep you updated of future revisions and options available. 


Million Persons aged 65 and up


Million Persons with Special Needs in the U.S. alone


Million Persons living in the U.S.


We understand that the task of taking care of someone else can be over-whelming. I want to make that process easier for my family, for my tribe. To Make life easier not only for you and your loved one but, for the caregivers, the teachers, the friends, the family, the doctors, and the services they depend on. In discovering my own need I found a way to help others. Help others free up more time in their crazy lives. To take one more thing off their already full plate. Please contact us for free local pickup coupon within 30 miles of 30135.