Table Of Contents

A Better Way to Organize your Life

Table Of Contents

October 8, 2019 Book How To 0

In case you missed the other links on my other pages. Here is a quick post of the table of contents that will be in your book.

Here are some of the sections available, it is not a complete list, however. This book is for you to fill out. Perhaps in the future, we may offer a digital version. However, I have learned over time that having a physical book that I bring with me to all their appointments reminds me to fill it out as I go. And I have actually had a few doctors write in it as well. They see the book and are very kind and willing to quickly jot down that word or info I need. I had one doctor see the book and quickly slide the paper we needed right in.

Life Care Plan

  • Diagnosis, Health Concerns, and Effects on Daily Living  Goals                                                                                              
  • Past Surgeries, Illnesses, Living Arrangements, Behavior Management                                                           
  • Education, Employment, Family / Social History, Final Arrangements                        
  • Financial Summaries 

About Me

  • About Me, Relatives and Friends
  • Recreation and Activities
  • Living Arrangements, Legal Guardian
  • Education and Employment
  • Monthly Budget 
  • Spirituality, Final Arrangements / Celebration Of Life

Benefits, Activities, Equipment

  • Benefits, Etc. Guide 
  • Benefits, Resources, Correspondence
  • Activities, Programs, Correspondence
  • Equipment, Correspondence


  • ICE information 
  • Brief Medical History

Medical History

  • Diagnosis, Birth Information, Medical Illnesses and Conditions, Surgeries
  • Hospitalizations 
  • Vision, Speech, Communication, Hearing, Hygiene, Ambulation 
  • Allergies  
  • Feeding Tube Information
  • Diet and Nutrition, Height / Weight Record
  • Respiratory Information
  • Seizure Disorder
  • Diabetes Management
  • Behavioral
  • Medications
  • Medical Supply Company 
  • Care Provider / Physician / Therapy Contact List 
  • Pharmacy Contact List
  • Hospital and Clinic Information 

Home and Community Services

  • Home and Respite Care Services
  • School / Community Services
  • Employment Services

Personal Care

  • Communication, Understanding
  • Mobility, Sleep Routine
  • Nutrition / Feeding Needs, Special Feeding Requirements              
  • Continence Care / Toileting, Grooming / Hygiene
  • Behavioral, Medical Needs
  • Schedule Guide  
  • Daily Routine Schedule
  • Calendar

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