Happy New Year to all our Special Needs Tribe

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Happy New Year to all our Special Needs Tribe

January 9, 2020 Blog 0

It was a great holiday season. We tried to rest as much as possible, but those of you in the life know what that looks like, lol. Dylan was able to attend Intensive suit therapy at Kids In Motion Therapy in Villa Rica Ga. Such a wonderful group of people! You should really check them out. It’s amazing what they have done for so many children. Derek spent his first few weeks out of school hanging out at home. Playing video games and chilling with mom and family. He attended his first Adult Day Health Program yesterday. He is really excited and enjoyed his time. I am so glad it went well!

We did spend a lot of our winter break playing video games, lol. We even got Granny and Derek’s girlfriend online playing with us. It was a lot of fun. We went to Christmas events and dances. Derek volunteered weekly at the local food pantry. Sounds like we did a lot, but not having to get up early for those 2 weeks gets you spoiled, not having to get out of your pajamas can ruin you, lol. Of course, the first few days back in real life I am forgetting lunches, briefs, important stuff. It is all good, we will get there.

Derek and Dylan both received their new power chairs over the holiday season. Pictures to come soon. To anyone that has ordered a new wheelchair, you know how the kids ask every day for 6 months, where’s my new chair? When is my new chair going to be here? When can we get my new chair, lol.

Unfortunately, both have already had some technical issues. Lucky this is our first experience with our new chairs having any issues. Nothing big just a few minor adjustments and we will be good to go. In fact, most of the chairs the boys have had have done really well. Knock on wood! Only a few new joysticks or adjustments here or there. We use both NuMotion and National Seating and Mobility. I love both companies and am glad to be able to work with both.

The holiday season is out of the way and we are ready for 2020, It’s going to be an amazing year!

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