Special Needs Camp Application Season is Coming Up Quickly

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Special Needs Camp Application Season is Coming Up Quickly

February 20, 2020 Blog Resources 0

So it is the time of year to start getting your camp applications in. The one I am working on right now is due March 1st. I am usually good at getting it in a little earlier than now. Its been a hard winter for me. Not sure what is bringing me down this year. Its been a great year! I feel maybe there were a lot of changes and events. More than I am used to. Derek is out of school now. That has been the biggest change in 20 years. We have moved and done many other things in our life. But with Derek no longer being in school, wondering what to do next, is a whole new chapter in our lives. This has me feeling unsure and somewhat lost.

Special needs camps are amazing and are such a great experience for our kiddos.

The great part of life is that some things do not change. The boys can still go to summer camp. The boys look forward to this every summer. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving them at camp. Get a cabin or hotel close by and have your own vacation. Another parent and I rent a cabin nearby and have a blast and feel better knowing we are close in case anything happens.

Dylan ready, excited, and on the way to Camp Dream summer of 2018

You can usually find a list of special needs camps for your state. Not all camps can accommodate those with more involved special needs but they are out there. We found 2 in our state (Camp Dream and Camp Hawkins) and another in the next state we are going to try in the coming years. Both the camps my kids have been to are amazing. The staff, the camps, the volunteers, the friends the boys have made. In Georgia, you can go to Very Special Camps or Atlanta Parent

Derek and his girlfriend Destiny having a great time at Camp Hawkins last year

Camp Hawkins / Mathew Time is another great organization with Georgia Children’s Baptist Home. The boys love going every year and have loved attending Mathews Time throughout the year.

Have Fun and hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day

Update (4/13/20) Unfortunately, Camp Hawkins has been canceled for the summer 🙁 We cannot wait till next year and hope everyone is doing well!

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