Common Meeting App Tutorials to help with Online Learning

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Common Meeting App Tutorials to help with Online Learning

September 16, 2020 Uncategorized 0

I know these terms are becoming everyday language more and more. I do hope everyone has become more familiar with apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting. We are all learning to become more computer and internet savvy these days without much training or heads-up. How about google classroom, oh my goodness! It took me a few tries before I could get my youngest into his classroom. I got in, until he was logged out and I had to hunt his password again, lol. Everytime we touch the back button we have had to start all over. I do like it now that we have become more familiar with it though, lol

Remote Learning
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Today, I thought I would add a few helpful links for parents that will help them with some of these now more common ways to have meetings, class, appointments, and visits with friends and family.

The Apps

First up we have GoToMeeting, this is more for conferences, large meeting, trainings, webinars. I have been to a few of these. Depending on the group you may only have certain features available.

Second we have Google Meet, this application goes along with the G-suite of applications included on google play if you don’t already have it downloaded. I like it because you can text or call people through the app like using your phone. I do like that you can video call others as well. It helps when calling from an Android phone to an Apple or vice versus. Of course most will probably video call through Facebook and apply all the fun filters. 🙂 But if you would like something a little more professional give this app a try.

Third we have Zoom, I like zoom except we keep having sound issues. with a quick sound test and we are good again. I like it because it can let a viewer have remote access to the presenters screen. I think this is useful when doing interactive therapies. Of course that comes with its own set of issues if your child tries to hack the therapists computer and start changing settings, lol.

Google Classroom

And lastly, there is Google Classroom. You can find a lot of short tutorials and info on google classroom like this one here. Or you can simply google “google classroom training (or tutorial) for parents (for students)”. If you just search google classroom you will end up with a lot information for teachers. How teachers can set up their classroom, not how to navigate the classroom. You can always ask for help from your child’s teacher. We have the best so we always ask if we need anything. Always remember though, they are people too. 🙂

There are many other ways to communicate online but these are becoming to be the more popular this year. Thank you for reading today and I hope the best in your online meeting, classes, appointments, and visits!

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