A Guide to a Brighter Future

A Better Way to Organize your Life

When we began this journey over 20 years ago, I felt overwhelmed, worried, confused, so many feeling running through my mind…..

The information you will add to this book can be very important along your journey. I have learned that it takes a lot of information to manage the many different health situations you may encounter. Of course, all the sections in this book may not apply to your situation. Fill out only what you need or want to add. It is your book – your life!

Starting out in life can be confusing,
why not make it easier?


As you start with your book, you can begin with the medical guide section on page 89. The medical section is where we began adding our information. Getting the diagnosis, physicians, heights, weights, and allergies added in first; as we used that the most. Please do not forget to fill out the ICE section (In Case of Emergency) as soon as you can on page 78.

Life Care Plan

We can get a plan together starting in the life care plan section on page 9. Writing down summaries of your life. It can be very comforting knowing that your family will know what’s going on in your life or the life of your loved one. Writing down what your wishes, beliefs, and ideas are. This section will be for you or your loved one to prepare for the future.

About Me

The about me section is great to keep up with important information. Trying to keep up with information can be very trying at times. To know who to contact, educational information, their employment situation, budgeting for daily living.

Personal Care

What I like most about the personal care section is that others can have a better picture of my children. To better understand them. To know what to expect and how to handle most situations that may arise. What is their level of communication, mobility, sleep habits, and nutritional information?

To see all the sections included in The Book Of please click here Table of Contents

There will be places for scheduling, to add home health services, employment, and school information. Sections for activities, services, and notes.

Our hope and wish are that this book can and will make your life easier.

We all know how quickly paperwork, appointments, and things to do can pile up. Having this information organized and easily accessible will allow you to communicate easily with doctors, know what equipment you have, what you need, what is working, and what is not working.



Photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash

With this book, you will be able to communicate with others about your life or the life of your loved one to make a clearer and brighter future!!!!

There are many situations where this would be the perfect book!

  • Are you currently assisting with the care of your parents?
  • Do you need a book for yourself?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a book to give to your child-care provider?
  • Could this book help your teenager get ready for their future? To practice budgeting, keeping up with important information, what do they know about themselves?

Good luck on your Journey and Best Wishes!!