The Big Book Of

The Big Book Of


12″H x 11.5″L x 2″W inch Binder.

For larger document storage and management, The Big Book Of is perfect for keeping safe copies of birth certificates, passports, or other important documents, and information.

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Thank you for taking the next step in organizing your life.

We are so happy you have decided to begin a new chapter in your life. We hope that with this book you will be able to organize your life, simplify your life, and free up more time in your life to enjoy the thing you love most! Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping. Please contact us with any questions. Happy organizing!!

Ways To Use

The Big Book Of is better to keep at home for larger document storage and management. You can keep IEP’s, guardianship documents, copies of birth certificates, passports, etc inside your large book for instance. This book will have all the same sections and record-keeping options in the large book as you would in the Mini Book Of. I take this book to initial program meetings, IEP meetings, to store andgather information for other important meetings.

Binder and Customization

Your book will be placed in a 2″ clear view binder that will hold up to 540 sheets of paper. This large binder will be 12″H x 11.5″L x 2W inches. The book itself will be 164 pages. The large binder will hold full size 8 1/2 by 11″ paper. You will get to choose whether you would like a black or white binder, we have both in stock.

Have fun with your book. If you find a binder in an awesome color, move your book to the new binder. You may even want to paint, marker, or scrapbook your binder and have the best time doing so! There are many web programs and sites that will let you design and print your own cover to slide into the front of your book. As your records and information increase, you may want to look for a larger binder at your local store or online.

Safety and Security

The “Mini Book Of” is great to carry with you, to give to caregivers, to family. With everything we do please be mindful of what information you give to others. I add the more sensitive info in “The Big Book Of” at home and keep other info in the “Mini Book Of” to help others take care of my children. You may also grab an extra binder from a local store, or online to separate the information you have gathered. There are so many options available to help keep you organized and safe.

If you would like to view our “Mini Book Of” please click here for a more mobile and convenient way to carry your information with you to doctor appointments, to leave with a caregiver, or family members. With everything we do please be mindful of what information you give to others.

Additional information

Weight 47 oz
Dimensions 12 × 11.5 × 2 in

Black Binder, White Binder


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