A Life Care Plan?

A Better Way to Organize your Life

There can be a lot of information to remember these days. I have two children that require a lot of medical attention. A lot of information management. Having to be honest, it was to much for just one person to remember. Once I was able to organize all this information it was much easier to see what was needed. Areas to improve, areas to explore? This book can help make that part of your life easier. To allow you to focus more on the issue at doctors offices, student meetings, so on. You can write a clearer plan of what your loved one needs and wants to happen.

A life care plan would have personal care information, behavioral care, and emergency info, etc. The Book Of can help you organize this information. It can provide a good idea how to prepare for the future, things to look into, and things to think about. Will you need to set up a trust? A will? Celebration of life plans.

When we would go to our schools, appointments, activities we would need to answer they same questions over and over.

I was always fumbling through notes, my phone, my brain, anything, trying to remember anything I could……

  • What is their current Weight?
  • What is their current Height?
  • Are there any recent health concerns?
  • What are their current prescriptions?
  • Current diagnosis, any changes?
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I felt overwhelmed by the amount of Doctors, Specialists, Educational, and Social specialists we had, it was very difficult to keep track of.

There are More than I could Count.

Here are just a few key partners in my childrens lives. After a while you begin to see the bigger picture of what it may and can take to help your loved one reach their full potential and make their lives that much more wonderful!! A very special thank you to all these amazing people!

Special Needs Partnership

With my oldest son aging out of pediatrics this information is changing, yet I still needed the previous information for medical history questions. I needed something like this several years ago, when these things were happening. To plan better for his future and to have all this information when I needed it now.

How could I remember details on an appointment or a surgery more than 5-10 years ago.

We have all been there, sitting in a doctors office waiting room with what seems to be 100 pages of medical questions about things you vaguely remember, dates, names, scripts, etc.

This is where The Book Of can become very handy. You just look it up. It’s all right there. A plan for your child or loved one! Below is a picture of my youngest with his book. He loves taking it to his doctor with him.


😍My youngest helping my with his book at an appointment😍

A few other things you can do with a a life care plan. Do you want to take a vacation, a respite day, or a quick getaway? Do you just want to go out to eat for one night by yourself or with that special someone? Do you worry that you forgot something or how to tell your caregiver everything about how to take care of your loved one? Simple! You hand them the book, The Book Of your loved one.

To see all the sections included in The Book Of please click here Table of Contents